Sarah Hazel giving us a thumbs up from her Charlotte office

Sarah Hazel giving us a thumbs up from her Charlotte office

1. What was your favorite part of being an ICMA Officer?

I really enjoyed working with my classmates and providing a forum for service-minded students to explore their local government interests and a platform to put on events that enhanced all of our learning experiences. A few favorites: Career Shadow Day, NC State/ UNC Mixer, and Dinner with Tom Lundy!

2. Where are you working now and what are your responsibilities?

I am a second year ICMA Fellow working in the City Manager’s Office in the City of Charlotte managing special projects and doing analysis. Right now I am currently managing a civic engagement project that aims to test an innovative model of engaging residents in diverse neighborhoods to redesign their public space. I am also leading a citywide records management initiative and organizing a Technical Assistance Panel with the Urban Land Institute that will bring experts from all over the Country to explore opportunities for mobility, investment and development in the SouthPark area of Charlotte.

3. What part of your ICMA experience have you applied to your current job?

As an officer, I worked with my fellow leaders and student members to enhance our learning experience above and beyond what was required. Often times, we were putting on events when we had busy work and school schedules and had to lead with passion and purpose. Managing citywide, cross-departmental projects, is often similar, where team members have their normal responsibilities in addition to the work we are committing to for the special initiative. I had a chance to hone some new leadership skills in ICMA that make me a better leader in the professional environment.

4. What advice would you give to current MPA students that you wish someone had told you?

Don’t sweat your final semester. Be confident and proud of the work you have done. Stand tall and proud and rock that portfolio presentation. Cherish this special time with great faculty, MPA staff, friends, peers, and future colleagues.

5. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I hope to be in a strong position to connect people with opportunities to shape their communities and organizations, either in City Leadership or working with an organization that partners with local government.